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  • Enterprise core ideas: innovation to change the world.Includes vision, mission, core values, philosophy, business philosophy, service philosophy, management philosophy, team concept, talent view, production view.

    First, the vision

    An energy equipment manufacturing industry leader in innovation

    Two, mission

    Energy efficiency China

    Three, core value

    Excellent quality innovation success

    Four, philosophy

    Such as the wild geese flying like a clear direction as a focus

    Learn the unity of the wild goose group concerted efforts forward

    To lead the Touyan Shi to obey the command line

    Five, business philosophy

    Quality for the first customer

    Focus on industry innovation

    Six, management philosophy

    The right to fair reward system clear

    Seven, service concept

    Customer needs at last customer satisfaction

    Eight, team view

    Work together to do their best.

    Nine, the concept of talent

    Believe its people to do their best.

    Ten, the concept of generation

    Superior quality excellence