Chuangli Group Successfully Holds the 2023 Science and Technology Conference
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On Feb. 17, Chuangli Group held the 2023 Annual Science and Technology Conference grandly. General Manager Zhang Shihong, Executive Vice President Li Yinghao and other senior executives of the company attended the conference, and the technical line personnel of the group headquarters and some subsidiaries attended the conference. The meeting was hosted by Wu Yan, the deputy general manager of the company.

General Manager Zhang Shihong congratulated the Group for successfully holding the 2023 Annual Technology Conference and expressed his gratitude to the technical line staff of the Group for their contribution to the company in the past year. He said that the conference reviewed and summarized the practice and experience of the Group's technical work, and conveyed the importance the Group attaches to scientific and technological work and innovation work, and at the same time was able to strengthen the communication among various teams, summarize, learn from each other and inherit and carry forward. The scientific and technological work of Tronix shoulders the important task of innovation and development and productivity creation for the Group. All the scientific and technological workers should seriously think about and implement the planning from the development strategy of the company to the development of science and technology, establish a perfect management system and process of scientific research work, build a professional construction and open platform, strengthen the construction of core team and the training of core talents, increase the depth of research, and strengthen the construction of technical brand. We hope that the managers will seriously explore the effective mode of technology innovation management, continuously stimulate the inner motivation of science and technology workers, and form a situation of full innovation. We hope that all technology workers will have dreams in mind, continue to learn, contribute and grow.

General Manager Zhang Shihong made an important speech

At the meeting, each technical department of the Group made a comprehensive report on the completion of the technical work targets and tasks in 2022, the existing problems and the technical work plan in 2023. Niu Jianfeng, general manager of Shangchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, made a special report entitled "Industry Leading Intelligent Mine, Writing a New Chapter of High Quality Development".
Wu Yan, deputy general manager of the company, made a work report

Zhao Lifeng, President of the Research Institute of Roadheading Machinery, delivered a work report

Mr. Shi Yong, Vice General Manager of the company, gave a work report

Niu Jianfeng, general manager of Shangchuang Intelligent Technology Co.

Work report by representative of Zhejiang China Coal Machinery Technology Co.

Work report by representative of Jiangsu Chuangli Casting & Forging Co.

In order to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the group's technical workers, and to actively do a good job in the manufacture, research and development, promotion and application of new technologies, new processes and new products in the field of coal machinery and equipment for the group, Geng Weidong, director and chief engineer of the company, made a proposal for scientific and technological awards, and held the signing of the key work responsibility letter for 2023 at the ceremony.
Geng Weidong, director and chief engineer of the company, made the proposal of science and technology awards

This is an era of innovation, the country, the industry and the enterprise are in an innovation-driven wave, Chuangli Group will continue to summarize and refine, bravely pioneer and forge ahead, grasp the development with innovation, seek the future with innovation, scientific layout and strive for the construction of first-class intelligent coal machine equipment service provider.

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