KT310-G Mining Intrinsically Safe Optical Terminal
KT310-G Mining Intrinsically Safe Optical Terminal
Product Description

n Overview

KT310-G Mine Intrinsically Safe Optical Transceiver is suitable for use in underground coal methane and coal dust explosion hazards, and is used to connect KT310-F Mine Intrinsically Safe Base Station to ground or other Ethernet network data exchange equipment. The optical terminal is compact in size, light in weight, easy to install, disassemble and relocate, simple to maintain and use, and highly reliable.

n Performance characteristics

Ø Industrial grade design with high performance switching engine;

Ø support for IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3u industrial Ethernet standards;

Ø Wide power supply voltage input (DC9V to DC18V) with surge protection;

Ø Network port - network port - power port all isolated, built-in lightning surge protection devices;

Ø Plug-and-play, with over-current, over-voltage and excellent EMC protection for the network port;

Ø Broadcast storm suppression function, limiting the excessive messages generated by network broadcast storms, effectively maintaining normal data transmission;

Ø With MDI/MDI-X auto-jumper function, which can automatically adapt to straight-through network cable and crossover network cable.

n Main parameters

Rated voltage

Intrinsically safe DC12V

Voltage fluctuation range


Operating current


Communication interface

Quantity and specification

2×SC (single mode)


Communication protocol

Full duplex TCP/IP

Communication rate

10M/100M adaptive

Communication distance



Cable introduction device

Quantity and specification


Available cable outer diameter


Explosion-proof type

Intrinsically safe Exib I Mb for mining

Shape (W×D×H)


Net weight


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