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  • BPW400 Spray pump station
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    DBPW400 series spraying of s pump is BRW200/31.5 emulsion pump derived products, it KPX400/20 type water tank jointly composed a complete spray Yun pumping station, underground coal mining machine to provide cooling water and spray Yun dustfall water. The injection mold pump station is generally composed of two pumps and a KPX400/20 type water tank. The work of one of the pumps and other pump by Han. Due to the adoption of the water supply tank, eliminating the underground water pressure change of relief money valve ring and unloading valve by emulsion pump unloading valve with the same structure, and the spray Yun pump with work fi, the use of long life, so sleep is low, the maintenance is convenient.
    For the product implementation of "emulsion pump" coal industry standard MT/T188.2-2000 coal mine.