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  • BPW315/6.3x Spray pump station
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    .Type BPW315/6.3X pump pumping station is derived from the BRW125/31.5 type emulsion pump products. By using a combined spray show pump and the filter structure and in the water inlet of the pump spray mold 100 arranged a filter, spray charge pumps water to enter for filtering, for underground coal mining machine to provide cooling water and spray Yun dustfall water.
    .The pump has the advantages of compact structure, small Zhi, the advantages of filter economics wash designed to recoil structure, do not have to unpick and wash the filter, the operation is simple and at rated flow "range, work pressure parameter can be any of regulating selected Arthraxon,.
    .This product is the implementation of MT/T188.2-2000 coal mine emulsion pump station industry standards.