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  • BPW315/10 (16) spray pump station
  • Description
  • Product series: emulsion pump station

    Product Name: spray pump station BPW315/10 (16)

    Product model: BPW315/10 (16)

    Main technical parameters:

    1 applicable scope and application:

    BPW315/10 (16) type spray pump station is mainly double drum shearer of fully mechanized mining face with high pressure spray dancing dust suppression water to reduce the air in the working face of coal dust, improve the working conditions of the working face. The pump station is composed of two spray pumps and a water tank, one of which is a pump, and the other is a spare pump. Compared with XPB type spray pump station, the work is reliable. Advantages of stable performance.

    2 main technical parameters:

    Spray pump model BPW315/16 BPW315/10

    Work pressure (MPa) 1016

    Nominal flow rate (L/min) 315315

    Motor power (KW) 75125

    Motor voltage (V) 660/1140 660/1140

    Water tank model BPW315/16 BPW315/10

    Volume of water tank (L) 20002000